Tamagotchi ID

Tamagotchi ID

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tamagotchi Nano, Tamagotchi ID, and Tamagotchi Plus Home station!!

Hey everyone sorry agian for posting very little...I'm busy with school and such   :P

anyway...the New Tamagotchi Nano came out and I was looking at some tama logs and it's about the size of a Tamagotchi Mini, anyway the Characters seem to go from the baby stage straight to adult stage  O_O   (Patchikutchi to -adult character raised-) I personally think that they should have kept the Child stage, and the teen stage it just adds to the fun, what I read is that it has the normal feeding options (Meal and Snack) and it also has a game, so far I only seen one game played on the Tamagotchi Nano and it was that you have to spell TAMAGOTCHI, I haven't been able to see what other features it has because I don't even have one...But i'll keep everyone updated!
user posted image
I have other new but i'm sure everyone has heard of it by now   ^_^  there are 2 new Tamagotchi ID designs I think they are totally diffrent from the Tamagotchi ID because Melodytchi is a raiseable character in this version, the two verions are called "Lovely Music and Melody Crown"

user posted imageuser posted image

Melody Crown^                    Lovely Music^

To me their a bit girly and i'm a guy so i'm just gonna pass on these    :P

user posted image
Home Plus Home Station^

Basicly the Tamagotchi home station can connect up to 3 Tamagotchi ID at one time, it can play games, store the downloads that are on your Tamagotchi Id, and they can create exclusive Items by playing special games, by playing the special games you recieve "Ingredients" and when the game is over you get the final product!

Well if anyone has ANY questions or Comments please post them, also I would like some feedback on how i'm doing on my blog

thanks a bunch everyone for your support!



  1. Nice blog. I got my Tamagotchi Nano awhile back. They are really easy to maintain so you can easily take care of both the nano and tamago at the same time.

  2. thank you ditacolle! that means a lot! :)
    yes the Tamagotchi nano sounds simple to use, I might get one also ^-^

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