Tamagotchi ID

Tamagotchi ID

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tamagotchi anime episodes

For those of you who want to watch the anime episodes of Tamagotchi i'm going to post them thanks to Tama-zone, !Gotchi-Gotchi! and Youtube you can now see them here are some of the episodes that are now showing in Australia and hopefully sometime in America   :)

"Are You Serious? The Fastest Rainbow Sleigh Ever!" Episode 4, Part 1
"Oh my! Lovelin's Concert!" Episode 4, Part 2
"Interesting! A Tama-Friend Survey! Pt.1" Episode 5, Part 1
"Interesting! A Tama-Friend Survey! Pt.2" Episode 5, Part 2
"Mametchi's Birthday Surprise! Pt.1" Episode 6, Part 1 (continues from end of Ep5)
"Mametchi's Birthday Surprise! Pt.2" Episode 6, Part 2
"What? Swapping Personalities!" Episode 7, Part 1
"Say Cheese! A Great Photo Shoot" Episode 7, Part 2
"Let's Go Treasure Hunting! Pt.1" Episode 8, Part 1
"Let's Go Treasure Hunting! Pt.2" Episode 8, Part 2
"Watch Out! Anpan Detective is Here!" Episode 9, Part 1
"Stop It Right There!! Thief Papiyon!" Episode 9, Part 2
"Get Ready! A Christmas Costume Party!" Episode 11, Part 1
"RedNosetchi is Lost?!" Episode 11, Part 2
"Go-Go! Tama-Adventure!" Episode 12, Part 1
"Looking For The Pumpkin Soup Lake" Episode 12, Part 2
"Uh-Oh! Space Brothers' World Domination!" Episode 13, Part 1
"Cool! Lovelin on Ice" Episode 13, Part 2
"Chop! Gotchi Slices" Episode 14, Part 1
"The Adventures of Young Papamametchi" Episode 14, Part 2
"The Power of Gossip!" Episode 15, Part 1
"HappyHappytchi Helps Out!" Episode 15, Part 2

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  1. all the links are dead. Youtube blocked it for commercial reason?