Tamagotchi ID

Tamagotchi ID

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The Tama-Go has been out for a while now and the second wave of the Tama-Go figures where released in the spring time. I have seen NO news on a new American Tamagotchi and it's been a little over a year. :( hopefully Bandai America creates a new Tamagotchi model. what does everyone think the next model is? Post your ideas! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tamagotchi iD L

Hello everyone. I'm very sorry for not posting any new info in A LONG while. but I got great news! A new Tamagotchi came out in Japan called tamagotchi iD L it's an enhanced version of the Tamagotchi iD, kinda like Tamagotchi Celebrity. It's still kinda new to everyone so I can't get all the obtainable characters or items, but when they show up i'll post about it. in the mean time look at these Tamagotchi iD L pictures! :)

As far as I can tell for the pets your Tamagotchi can own. there are ten available...but I think you can only keep one. I think they revealed all the pets in the picture since there's ten...and that's including that Doremitchi and her sister (pink and blue bears) don't both count as one...I think they count as two seperate ones...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tamagotchi anime episodes

For those of you who want to watch the anime episodes of Tamagotchi i'm going to post them thanks to Tama-zone, !Gotchi-Gotchi! and Youtube you can now see them here are some of the episodes that are now showing in Australia and hopefully sometime in America   :)

"Are You Serious? The Fastest Rainbow Sleigh Ever!" Episode 4, Part 1
"Oh my! Lovelin's Concert!" Episode 4, Part 2
"Interesting! A Tama-Friend Survey! Pt.1" Episode 5, Part 1
"Interesting! A Tama-Friend Survey! Pt.2" Episode 5, Part 2
"Mametchi's Birthday Surprise! Pt.1" Episode 6, Part 1 (continues from end of Ep5)
"Mametchi's Birthday Surprise! Pt.2" Episode 6, Part 2
"What? Swapping Personalities!" Episode 7, Part 1
"Say Cheese! A Great Photo Shoot" Episode 7, Part 2
"Let's Go Treasure Hunting! Pt.1" Episode 8, Part 1
"Let's Go Treasure Hunting! Pt.2" Episode 8, Part 2
"Watch Out! Anpan Detective is Here!" Episode 9, Part 1
"Stop It Right There!! Thief Papiyon!" Episode 9, Part 2
"Get Ready! A Christmas Costume Party!" Episode 11, Part 1
"RedNosetchi is Lost?!" Episode 11, Part 2
"Go-Go! Tama-Adventure!" Episode 12, Part 1
"Looking For The Pumpkin Soup Lake" Episode 12, Part 2
"Uh-Oh! Space Brothers' World Domination!" Episode 13, Part 1
"Cool! Lovelin on Ice" Episode 13, Part 2
"Chop! Gotchi Slices" Episode 14, Part 1
"The Adventures of Young Papamametchi" Episode 14, Part 2
"The Power of Gossip!" Episode 15, Part 1
"HappyHappytchi Helps Out!" Episode 15, Part 2

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Forum ^^

Hey everyone I was thinking about my blog recently and thought..."I wish my followers would just start topics about Tamagotchi but they can't on my blog because it's only limited to comments" that's why I made a forum where anyone can start their own topic about Tamagotchi and join  currently i'm the only member of the forum and i'm also the Admin since I created the site but I invite everyone to become a member of my forum also  tell all your friends who are crazy about Tamagotchi so we can get a lot of topics going!  :D

the website is


see you there!  :)
also be sure to read the rules if you do decide to join

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas :D

Sorry everyone for not posting for a while i've been busy with school and such   :P   I just got out of school and now i'm on winter vacation until January 4th   :D   anywho last November I recieved my first Japanese Tamgotchi it was a Tamagotchi ID I was extremely happy...ok enough about me though...

"Tamagotchi!" the TV show that originally only shown in Japan is now showing in Australia on "GO!" this is good news because that means that the episodes are translated now! hopefully America will also recieve the show on TV sometime soon hopefully we do  :)

No other news from Japan yet though  :-/
but I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   :)

I would also like to thank Bandai for having my blog added to their website, and I'd like to thank my followers who read my blog! Thank you everyone your all awsome


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tamagotchi Nano, Tamagotchi ID, and Tamagotchi Plus Home station!!

Hey everyone sorry agian for posting very little...I'm busy with school and such   :P

anyway...the New Tamagotchi Nano came out and I was looking at some tama logs and it's about the size of a Tamagotchi Mini, anyway the Characters seem to go from the baby stage straight to adult stage  O_O   (Patchikutchi to -adult character raised-) I personally think that they should have kept the Child stage, and the teen stage it just adds to the fun, what I read is that it has the normal feeding options (Meal and Snack) and it also has a game, so far I only seen one game played on the Tamagotchi Nano and it was that you have to spell TAMAGOTCHI, I haven't been able to see what other features it has because I don't even have one...But i'll keep everyone updated!
user posted image
I have other new but i'm sure everyone has heard of it by now   ^_^  there are 2 new Tamagotchi ID designs I think they are totally diffrent from the Tamagotchi ID because Melodytchi is a raiseable character in this version, the two verions are called "Lovely Music and Melody Crown"

user posted imageuser posted image

Melody Crown^                    Lovely Music^

To me their a bit girly and i'm a guy so i'm just gonna pass on these    :P

user posted image
Home Plus Home Station^

Basicly the Tamagotchi home station can connect up to 3 Tamagotchi ID at one time, it can play games, store the downloads that are on your Tamagotchi Id, and they can create exclusive Items by playing special games, by playing the special games you recieve "Ingredients" and when the game is over you get the final product!

Well if anyone has ANY questions or Comments please post them, also I would like some feedback on how i'm doing on my blog

thanks a bunch everyone for your support!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sorry :(

It's been a long time since I last posted...it's because of school I haven't had any time...anyway my Tama-Go is doing great!    ^^   has anyone gotten the Tama-Go yet?

Oh yeah in other news the Tamagotchi Nano will be coming out in Japan very soon! Hopefully in October It can connect to the Tamagotchi ID and Japanese Cell Phones here's a link   :)